• Core of our work:

    Transferring your CAD data to fit any requirement of your professional processes
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Data Preparation Process

Our mission is to enrich the quality of your 3D data. 

We aim at covering every step of your products life ycle and thus being able to provide a satisfying solution for every area of the PLM.

Our Data Preparation Process (DPP) consists out of three elements:

  1. We check your data and evaluate its quality and potential
  2. The data is prepared to meet the requirements of each PLM step
  3. Meeting the requirements of each step means:



The Stereo Data is highly usable providing ample possibilities of interaction for checking the potential of the engineering data


The 3D Data is prepared to be visualized in combination with simulation data such as .CFD to efficiently answer any question. 


For internal communication and quality checks, the data has to meet certain requirements regarding its visual quality. 


High End visual quality meets high resolution renderings for internal communication as well as for Sales&Marketing purposes. 


Step 1:

The data is checked to evaluate its potential and to find a specified solution for your required work field

Step 2:

The data modified to meet the requirements of one or more steps of the PLM listed above

 Step 3:

In case you demand high quality and a photorealistic finish of your CAD Data we can provide you with a satisfying solution as well. 

Quotes & Opinions

  • Top Quality!
    image Patrick S. The Procontis Team meticulously adapts the data to our need whilst delivering excelling quality.
  • Great support...
    image Leon R. Fast response times guarantee best results.
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About Procontis 


The Team behind Procontis can look back on more than 20 years of profound experience in terms of 3D visualization, preparation and consultancy.

Die mixture of expertise, knowledge, experience and inspiration guarantee an unique approach considering service levels, response times, individual support and innovative solutions.

We aim at delivering a truly satisfying solution to maximize the usability of your CAS Data and to integrate it into your daily work routine!

Our Services

Concept & Analysis:

  • Meticulous check of your data
  • Evaluation of your datas potential
  • Integration of the data in your PLM

Service & Support:

  • Comprehensive service levels
  • Fast response times
  • Individual, innovative approach

Expertise & Quality:

  • More than 25 years of expertise
  • High cross-software competence 
  • High quality output 


Contact Data

Am Bauhof 18, 64807 Dieburg

+49 (0) 6071 4306925


For Inquirires: sales@procontis.com
For Support:    support@procontis.com

Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00

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